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Greetings & Salutations Beautiful Souls...

I am currently raising money to buy a location to house my Business, my Ministry and my Home...all under one roof...  
The Goddess Temple.

The Goddess Temple is a Sacred Space where Ancient Ancestral Traditions are Practiced with a Modern Twist for Modern Times.

The Goddess Temple with over 30 years of Natural Hair Care, specializing in Loc Maintenance, Styling and Care. Traditional Natural Hair Treatments, Regimes and Ancient Beauty Treatments and Rituals.

The Goddess Temple offers Personalized Priestess Work such as Spiritual Services, Ritual Work, Spiritual Baths, Chakra Cleanse and Soul Therapy.

The Goddess Temple is a Safe Space for like minded Individuals to gathering for Monthly Moon Rituals, Solstices and Equinoxes Observances, Yoga Classes, Meditation Sessions and Reiki Circles.

With today's economy and and clientele fluctuating makes it very difficult to maintain monthly expenses AND save to purchase a building, which is my overall goal.

So it only makes sense for me to consolidate my expenses, services and ministries under one location... however my business is so new, I am unable to get a Business Loan to purchase a location.

This is where YOU come in...

So if you would like to DONATE to
The Goddess Temple Fundraiser to go towards the Purchase of a Temple you can DONATE via PayPal ~OR~ Cash App. My Ministry has a Tax ID# so a Donation Letter can be given upon request.

Also... If you know any person/place/thing that are offering Grants that my Goddess Temple Goals fit the criteria PLEASE let me know.

Much Peace and Many Blessings to You All!


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