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Indigenous Spiritual Services with a Modern Cultural & Tribal Twist!

Tarot & Divination Services

Spiritual Consultations

Crown Chakra & Head Cleansings

Private Priestess Sessions

Reiki Sessions

YeYe Showers

Baby Blessings

Rites of Passage

Our Beliefs...

  • The Aje Mothers are the Mothers of All Civilization.

  • The Aje Mothers are the Architects of Existence.

  • We are the Daughters and Grand Daughters of the Aje Mothers and therefore have Direct Spiritual Birthright and Spiritual Bloodline.

  • The Aje Mothers and Their Power, Creative and Co-Creative Power.

  • In the Ancestors and the influence they have in our lives from the Ancestor Realm.

  • In The Elemental Forces and their affect on our lives... Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

  • In the Heavenly Host, the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets and their Energetic Influence within our lives.

  • In our Protective Spirit Guides both of the Benevolent and Malevolent Realm.

  • In our Healing Spirit Guides.

  • In our Intuitive Guides.

  • That all things are interconnected and connected in different ways.

  • The Black Woman Is God and is from a Divine XX Spiritual Chromosome Bloodline.

  • All others are the Daughters (and Sons) of the aje.

  • We are Healers, Creators, Co-Creators, and Gods of our Lives, Mind, Body and Soul.

  • We are autonomous by nature and Bloodline and Do Not Require Spiritual Supervisor or Spiritual Head Covering unless we so choose.

  • The Earth and All Her Sources are for the Healing of the Mind, Body and Soul.

  • That we are Natural Healers of Our Mind, Bodies and Souls and Mother Earth is for our Healing.

  • That Femininity and Masculinity are Energies NOT Genders.

Devi is a Sanskrit word
which means Goddess
. The Female who has Supernatural Powers is known as Devi or Goddess. Devi is the feminine form of the word Deva that means God.  Devi represents the feminine aspect of the Divine Power.

"The African woman is only woman who was
born under the yolk of Patriarchy" 

-Mama Zogbe

Great References to Research and Uncover the Hidden Truths of
The Black Woman Is God.

Must Reads!!!!


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The Temple of Aje is a Sacred Healing Temple for the Sacred (XX Chromosomes) Daughters of the Aje Mothers. A Place of Healing the Mind, Body and Soul as Our Ancient and Indigenous Great Mothers and Ancestors did through Monthly Gatherings, Rituals, Ceremonies and Holistic Tribal Living.

Sacred Healing Temple & Gathering for the Daughters of The Aje 



13227658_1223631660995234_8558701211720770187_o (1)_edited.jpg

AJE FUNFUN (WHITE WITCHES): This third type of witches are actually very good witches. They are called Aje olomon tabi Aje alabiyamo (witches who protect her children). Those who possess aje funfun don’t kill, they don’t drink blood or eat flesh. They use their energy to bring protection, blessings and prosperity to whom ever they love like children, husband or family or friends.They bring knowledge, power, blessings and protection. 


AJE DUDU (BLACK WITCHES): Witches in this category are usually a not progressive one, they have mysterious power, but Olodumare (GOD) doesn’t give them power to kill.  They can only punish or make human being to suffer. They can prevent human being from attaining desire success. Like causing their victims delay marriage, infertility, lack of promotion in work and business, causing their victims sickness etc.  The members of aje dudu are predominantly females, hardly can you find any male in this catageory type. They account for 50 percent of iyaami aje cult world wide.

13247681_1223716167653450_8208704107017809098_o (2).jpg

AJE PUPA (RED WITCHES): This category of witches are most dangerous.  They have power to kill, drink blood and eat flesh. They punish their victims and give no room for forgiveness even up to their own children. Membership can be both male . But females are the great majority of the clan. They account for 30 percent of iyaami aje cult world wide.

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