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A World Without Men

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the question was presented to a panel of women, What would you do if there were no men in the world? The women answered things like, go take a walk at 1am... leave their window open to get fresh air... be able to get dressed and not have to worry about getting able to move about the Earth in peace... not have to worry about getting raped... not worry about getting robbed... The answers were HEARTBREAKING... AND TRUE.

Although we know that not all men do these types of things, however, as a collective... they do. We know that women commit some of the same crimes, however the rate at which those crimes are committed compared men don't compare. That alone makes is difficult to even interact with men, even on a mundane level, because you don't know what the end result could be if the conversation doesn't go as they want.

Take Carlisha Hood for example. She was in line at a food joint waiting on the establishments to fix her order, when Jeremy Brown decided it was time for her to get her food and go... even though her food still wasn't ready. In a civil exchanged (on her part) since she didn't heed to his request for her to "Shut the fuck up, get her food and go" he commenced to punch her in the head up to 3 times before her 14 year old son shot him dead. Thanks Goddess for her son.

Then you have the PanAfrican Prince of Poverty Umar Johnson going around telling toxic alpha men, that they need to INVADE Lesbian Relationships. That statement ALONE incites VIOLENCE on women in lieu of the Femicide Rate being every 4 hours a women MURDERED! He should have been cancelled long ago but that is neither here or there.

Whether we want to admit it or not MEN ARE UNHINGED, VIOLENT and DANGEROUS. I often wondered why men would ask me, "Yo man let you come out by yourself?" I thought that was the STUPIDIEST question. I am an adult woman... why wouldn't I be able to come out alone. But when you add in the false concept of "Needing a man for protection". Well Sir... The "protection" that I need IS FROM OTHER MEN! They ask, that question... "Yo man let you out the house alone" because to them your are fair game to be taken since you are not "protected" by another man. Regardless of how the women feels.

I say all this to say... the truth of the matter is, we really DON'T want to live without men. We just want to live in Peace. And it is horrible that the good men are getting lumped in with the bad men. But if I had to choose to live with a mixture of good and bad for the sake of the good and at the risk of women... I am going to choose a world without men.

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