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Are Yall Ready To Have This Conversation Yet???

Updated: Sep 9

Now when I said it, I was an Angry Man Hating Lesbian. So I shut up.... well not really. Lol. But I waited. I know that we are in the age of Aquarius and one thing I DO know is that things WILL be REVEALED!!!

NATURE is being REVEALED and aint nothing nobody can do with it. Order is restoring BACK to it's ORIGINAL Order.

Let me explain...

Men are not NATURAL Providers and Protectors. If MEN were NATURAL Providers and Protectors then ALL MEN would know how to Fight. ALL Men do NOT know how to fight THEREFORE one can't say THAT is WHAT they ARE but then you have any they NOT. And that is NO SHADE to men who can't fight. I UNDERSTAND. And I believe for SOCIETY to put a burden on you that you are not able to do is a DISSERVICE to YOU... and Women too.

Now... are SOME Men protectors YES! Absolutely. But MOST are not. Today is the day that we face REALITY that is not meant to hurt feelings, but live in Complete Truth and Honesty with NO Delusions.

If we look at things from a Scientific standpoint, we already know that the Y chromosome is a defected X chromosome that is broken. SCIENCE says that the Y chromosome comes with alot of difficulties, struggles and defects. SCIENCE... NOT me! If we know this to SCIENTIFICALLY be true... how can we THEN expect them to function on the same capacity as someone who does not have those same difficulties?

Now I personally believe that this is a Spiritual Reckoning that the Men of today and the Men of Antiquity brought upon themselves for all the violent and brutal behavior done to Women. But that is for another time.

After reading the above article, we must understand the mental make up of men and call a spade a spade.

To ME the BIGGEST problem isn't the fact that the men that were around her didn't do anything. I have seen a video where a father hops on a car and leaves his, look like 5 year old daughter behind on the ground with the dog. I have seen a grown man hide behind his wife as a dog was barking at them. I have seen a man LEAVE his girl during a robbery. ALL MEN ARENT PROTECTORS. The perception that they ARE is a disservice to MEN. The ONLY Men that are PROTECTORS are those that are INNATELY born that way or TRAINED themselves to be PROTECTORS. Assuming they are leaves this Woman in this picture PERPLEXED wondering why no-one helped her. Because the REAL ISSUE is the actual ASSAULT and those that assaulted her.

EVERY HUMAN BEING needs to know how to PROTECT themselves in whatever technique is comfortable for them. To RELY on another human being to come to your aid, when they themselves aren't equipped to come to your aid is bananas to me. HOWEVER folks can call the police is they are not able to physically help. Those guys didn't care because what happened to her didn't affect them AS WELL AS they were mad because she had a mouth on her.

The SECOND part of that is the MISCONCEPTION that a MARRIED Woman is safer and automatically protected simply because she is married. NO! FALSE INFORMATION!!! The ONLY way a husband can provide 24 hour protection to his wife and children is to be with them 24 hours a day. That is RIDICULOUS!!! So again... EVERY HUMAN BEING needs to learn how to protect themselves from predators.

My goal in this blog is not to bash but begin to talk about things as they are and not how we want them to be. But yall aren't ready to talk about this...

Women are NATURAL Protectors MEANING... Women will protect ANYONE. Men protect what is of their best interest. Men have the physical advantage but Women have the innate responsive action. Men are NOT Natural Protectors in that way.

It is just what it is. Now we can be honest about it, let's live in Truth.

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