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Brush Session

January 19, 2022

30 Minute Brush Session

I remember when I was young, at least once a week my Grand Mother would sit me down between her legs, grease my scalp and brush my hair 100 times. She told me it would keep my hair healthy and cause it to grow long. Looking up at her long hair she wore parted down the middle with two long braids down both sides that she often protected under wigs... it only made sense to believe her.

Off and on throughout my life I went back to that tradition of brushing my hair at least 100 times per session. And... I have pretty much all of my life had long hair, so I can only agree with it's results.

Today I decided that I wanted to go back to that tradition my Grand Mother passed to me long ago. I wanted to become more Conscious and Intentional this time around during this Hair Growth Challenge as well as re-living beautiful child hood memories of that time with my Grand Mother. Which is also a way of honoring your Ancestors.

So, I pulled out my Pink Oil Moisturizer and 1 dropperful of an Oil Blend that I put together that included a number of Stimulating Essential Oils and massaged it into my Hair and Scalp. I only used about a quarter size amount of the Pink Oil because I really don't want alot of product on my hair.

I massaged my Scalp with the balls of my fingertips for about 5 minutes to cover my whole. As a Reiki Practitioner I also do Reiki while massaging my scalp that has amazing benefits on its own, including Scalp Stimulations plus healing of the Mind, Body and Soul.

After massaging my hair and scalp I pulled out all of my brushed and had an amazing experience!

This go round I did not focus on the number of brushes, but the Brush itself and the time with each brush the time each brush was on my head. I brushed my ENTIRE head with each brush very very thoroughly and taking my time. I focused on touching every part of my scalp to make sure my entire scalp was massaged and was tingly. That is a GREAT SIGN!

I have brought the brushes pictured over different periods of time and they each provided different feelings and sensations (from a firm massage to a scratchy to a smoothing) to my hair and scalp which was extremely Stimulating and Relaxing all at the same time.

Stimulating the Scalp helps to open hair follicles and activate the blood vessels on the top of your skin promoting hair growth. The various firmness of the bristles provided tiny different massages to my scalp that was extremely relaxing.

After my Brush Session I actually want to go out and check out some new brushes and pamper my scalp even more during this Journey because it felt great!! I can't wait until next time. 😁

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