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Easter 1974

Picture this... Kansas City... circa 1975... Easter Sunday

Fresh Press AND CURL.

Frilly Hat.

Frilly Dress.

Frilly Purse.

Frilly Gloves (not pictured)

Frilly Slip.

Frilly Stockings.

Shiney Shoes.

The ONE day out of the year I acted like "a girl". I told myself... I need to act like a girl. My Grand Mother called me a WILD CHILD! A Tomboy! She was a Walking Model. I tried soooo hard to be as Poised and Collected, so Put together and Calm and Balanced, just like my Earth Sign Matriarchs.

But NOOOOOO.... I had HELL TO RAISE... so a few hours later, I said "phuck it" kicked off ALL THAT SHIT and we back to my regularly scheduled program of the Scorpion Hell Raiser on my little Tri-cycle!

Thinking back, I feel so sorry for my Virgo Mama, My Taurus Grand Mother and my Virgo Grand Father... cause I gave them HELL.... but they still loved me. They let me be me. They was always shaking they heads... but they let me be me. They really didn't have a choice, because my Leo Moon HAD TO BE HEARD, SEEN AND FELT!!

We didn't even go to church THIS Easter... it was a WHOLE PHOTO OPP!!

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