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Ice Hibiscus Sweet Tea

In continued efforts to find Alternative Drinks to Coke and Pepsi, I made the last of my Hibiscus Tea. This was actually a gift given to me of a large container of Dried Hibiscus Flowers.

I steep my Hibiscus in hot water... unusual forget about it... put it in the refrigerator and remember a day later... just keeping it real 🤣

You will see the Tea pot on the right below. I purchased this at the City Market years ago. I will link a similar one HERE. ❤️

Now to the left is my homemade Sugar Water/Syrup that I made when the water was 25% left. And it LITERALLY is Sugar added to Water lol.

I keep this on hand to sweeten my pure Lime juice, pure Lemon juice and anytime I was a sweetened drink without resorting to my usual favs!!!

But THIS is delicious 😋

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