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Locs and Coloring Them...

There is not more BEAUTIFUL than Colorful Locs. Especially when they are BRIGHT and VIBRANT or a Cool Blond and you cannot go wrong with Red Locs... HOWEVER... Coloring your Locs can be Problematic later in your Locs Life.

That leads us to the question... is Coloring Your Locs SAFE... or Nah?

Well... in my Professional Opinion... No.

For the last 15 years as a Stylist, my focus has been on Locs. I am a Loctician, which means that is my Specialty. Plus I rocked Loc's for 6.5 years. So Locs are my Jam.

Locs are also like SPONGES. So imagine getting a bottle of hair dye and pouring it on a sponge. The sponge becomes totally saturated. Now try to squeeze EVERY DRIP DROP of dye from the sponge. Yeah... it's probably never going to happen. To some degree, even with the best Shampoos and Washes, Detoxes and Soaks you will NEVER get all that dye OUT.

So what does this mean? That even with the BEST Shampoo/Washes, there is DYE... and ACTIVE ingredient STILL IN YOUR LOCS.... What I have noticed is that breakage usually occurs right where the Color starts and this breakage is usually over time.

Here is a picture of me with my Locs. I knew the RISK but like many... I did it anyway.

Now in this picture my Locs were beginning to break off right at the point of the color.

Had only colored my Locs twice in the very beginning of my Journey. Then around the 6 year mark they started to break off.

I NEVER tell a Client NOT to Color their Locs, but I will give them the information that I just shared here, so that they will have the Proper Information to make their own sound choice.

And that my Friends are MY Opinion on Coloring Locs.

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