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Los Cabos Independence Missouri

My dad and I went to Los Cabos. This was my first time and my experience was very very nice.

I am transition into a 90% Vegetarianish lifestyle, I am 100% meat free in my home. Which means if I eat meat, it will be dining out and I need IT TO BE GOOD!!!

They brought complimentary Chips and Salsa to the table. Loved the ultra thin chips. The spicy salsa had a lovely kick it it. The mild sauce had a savory flavor to it.

I selected one of my Mexican regular meals... this time the 3 Crunchy Beef Tacos with Mexican Rice and Refried Beans and a side of Sour Cream.

Everything was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Every thing had its own distinct flavor that blended well together!!

The Pepsi was AMAZING! A perfect balance and soda and syrup and temperature!!

My only complaint was the Water. It water was horrible and tasted stale. My father said his tea was horrible too and he exchanged it for a Pepsi.

He also got the Chicken 3 Crunchy Taco meal that he enjoyed as well.

Los Cabos is DEFINITELY on the REPEAT LIST! ❤️

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