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Mercury Retrograde is trying to take me out...

Updated: Sep 9

Some Examples of how Mercury Rx can affect you and is currently affecting me.

Mercury went into Rx August 23rd (and will be in there until September 15th)

Mercury rules Communication, Electronic, Electronic Devices, Contracts etc.

So when it's in Retrograde the Energy is... let's just say "not it's normal self".

September is my SECOND month using my website as my booking site after an extremely successful August.

The First week in September my clients appointments were vanishing from the calendar and another never showed up on the calendar.

My cellphone also began kicking back messages to me and I had to restart MULTIPLE times a day.

The Second week in September (this week) I have only ONE client booked all week.

My HDMI Cord also has shorted out and both of the Turtles lights.


Mercury right now in the sky transiting (moving through/ affecting) my 3rd House of Communications.

Mercury is naturally located in my 6th House of Services (a Career/Job House).

Understand the Energy around us doesn't make it better, but it does help the Foolishness make sense and allows us to prepare or make any necessary adjustments.

It's all about Knowledge of Self and Self Awareness.

#MercuryRetrograde #NatalBirthCharts #TransitPlanets

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