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Month 3 - Grow Out Challenge

I made it to month 3 of growing my hair out!!!

I have full blown curls coiled up so tight it is described as 4c Hair, where the SHRINKAGE is truly MAGICAL.

Here is my Weekly Minimal Schedule:

~Each day I either use Curl Activator or Water with my Sponge to moisturize and style my hair.

~Once Weekly I brush my hair with Oil and my 5 brushes all with different Firmness and Bristle type to massage and stimulate my scalp and hair.

~I Shampooed once this month

As you can see my Hair Routine is very basic, very minimal because I really don't want to do anything to my hair. I did measure my hair at 1 inch which is faster than the last time I measured my growth. My hair typically grew 1/4 inch per month. If I am already at 1 inch in 3 month my hair has grown 1/4 faster than normal. So in theory my hair should be "braidable" in a month or so.

My NEXT GOAL is to get to a point where I can braid my hair to keep in Protective Styles. Keeping my hair UP and OUT of the way and my fingers out is the best way at this point in growing my hair. Plus I have some interesting styles I would like to attempt with each length phase.

I did not get a chance to do a Clay Mask last month for a Deep Conditioning, like I had wanted to... add that to this months To Do List...

I am going to keep on using the Sponge alternating between the Oil (Dry Styling) and Activator (Wet Styling) and see what happens!

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