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Welcome To My World

Updated: Apr 1

This is My Own Personal Movement of Written Blog, Vlog and More.

Welcome to my Personal Blog.

Here is a place and space where I can be myself without fear of being Censored, put in Social Media Jail or my LIVES taken down.

Here is my COMPLETE and AUTONOMOUS Expression in Written, Audio and Video Art form.

Here I share My Experiences, I have gone through throughout my life, and the lessons that were learned along the way.

Here I share some of my most Private and Controversial Moments...

I am a 52 year old Masculine Presenting Black Butch Menopausal Lesbian born under the Sun Sign of Scorpio, Moon Sign Leo and a Cancer Rising. Baby Buckle Up!

Here is definitely a Vibe.

Thank you for Joining Me on This Journey... Here.

Love, -Tondalaya Aje.

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