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My Poly Love Style Dynamic

Updated: Jul 4

Recently this symbol that I created has become very important to me in my Poly Love Style Lifestyle journey.

If I am Single... I am Polyamorous. I date who I date, you date who you date (ABSOLUTELY NO MEN tho) and we move about our lives free flowing and fancy free.

But when I am IN a relationship I want my Poly to be different. I want to build a Team of Women who is focused on the Team... Us... OUR Lives... OUR Relationship... OUR Marriage. Us AGAINST the world. I don't want my Wives BUILDING in other Relationships bcz OUR Relationship is PRIORITY. I want someone who GETS that, ACCEPTS that and HONORS that.

In this Symbol WE are inside, happy, building, evolving, growing, establishing, loving and loving on each TOGETHER.

In this Symbol we are putting our heads together coming up with Master Plans.

In this Symbol we have all points COVERED.

In this Symbol we are all Interconnected while still honoring our Individuality.

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