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Red Raspberry Extract

Hey Lovies!

Here is the Red Raspberry Extract I just purchased for our Morning Shots after our Morning Coffee. If you click this link you go through my Amazon Affiliate account and I will get a kickback.

This is the New Addition to the Morning Tumeric Shot we are taking on this Health & Fitness Over 50 Journey. Red Raspberry is an EXCELLENT Women's Herb. It is beneficial to Women from Puberty, Pregnancy and of course Menopause!


Red raspberry leaf extract is commonly used for women's health due to its potential benefits. Some of its uses for women of all ages include:

  1. Menstrual Health: It is believed to help regulate menstrual cycles and reduce symptoms like cramping and heavy bleeding.

  2. Pregnancy: It is often used in the later stages of pregnancy to help prepare the uterus for labor and potentially shorten labor duration.

  3. Labor and Delivery: Some women use it during labor to help strengthen contractions and reduce the risk of complications.

  4. Postpartum Recovery: It may aid in postpartum recovery by toning the uterus and supporting healing.

  5. Menopause: It is sometimes used to alleviate symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and mood swings.

Mine is on the way TODAY!

SALUTE to Good Health!

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