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Season of The Retrogrades...

We are in the Season of Retrogrades. We currently have 4 Planets in Retrogrades... Venus... Pluto... Saturn... Neptune.

When a Planet is it Retrograde, it brings about the time to Review, ReEvaluate, ReAlign, Regenerate and ReAssess. This is an EXCELLENT Introspective and Internalized manner.

Venus (started 07/22 ends 09/03) Venus represents love, relationships, beauty, and harmony. When it goes retrograde, it can bring up issues related to self-worth, values, and how we relate to others.

One thing to work on during Venus retrograde: Self-love and self-acceptance. Reflect on your own worth and cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself. Take time to identify your core values and ensure that your relationships align with those values.

Saturn Retrograde (started 06/17 ends 11/04) Saturn is associated with discipline, responsibility, authority, and life lessons. During Saturn retrograde, the focus is on reevaluating structures and responsibilities in our lives.

One thing to work on during Saturn retrograde: Accountability and restructuring. Take a hard look at your commitments and responsibilities. Are there areas in your life where you need to be more accountable? Use this time to set realistic goals and create a solid plan to achieve them.

Neptune Retrograde (started 06/30 ends 12-06) Neptune is connected to spirituality, dreams, illusions, and creativity. When Neptune is retrograde, it can trigger introspection and may bring clarity to previously hidden or elusive matters.

One thing to work on during Neptune retrograde: Grounding and discernment. While exploring your dreams and creativity is essential, ensure you stay grounded and practical. Focus on distinguishing between illusions and genuine intuitive insights.

Pluto Retrograde (started 05/01 ended 10/10) Pluto is linked to transformation, power, regeneration, and the unconscious. Its retrograde can evoke deep-seated emotions and trigger internal shifts.

One thing to work on during Pluto retrograde: Release and healing. Address any unresolved emotional baggage and release negative patterns. Embrace the transformative energy of Pluto to let go of what no longer serves you and open yourself up to positive change.

Life is a Cycle of Opportunities to Align, Harness and Evolve into Our Higher Selves.

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