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Sleeping with the Enemy Part IV

Updated: Apr 19

My bridal shower was beautiful. My bridal party did their thing. My beautiful cousin decorated her lovely home and the food spread looked AMAZING!

I am sure it was as tasty as it all looked. I wouldn't know though. The ONLY thing I was able to eat... was TUMS and Rolaids... I traveled with a bottle and had replaced all my meals. I was so stressed.

I knew with every fiber of my being that I should NOT get married. Only being able to eat TUMS at my bridal shower, was one of many signs that I had not heeded too.

From that point I think back to where it all began. How did I get HERE?


It was 1989 had just had my daughter, had just gotten my own place in the Jets, and I had plans on being a total and complete fool out there in those streets. I was young, on my own, fully emancipated, bout to live my whole life!

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