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So You are Thinking About Starting Your Locs...

Starting your Locs can be an exciting and anxious time. So I wanted to go over a few things I thought might be helpful if you are thinking about Starting Your Locs. And of course I am always available for Consultations if you have more questions.

First off...

  1. You don't have to cut your long hair off to start your Locs.

  2. You don't have to cut off all your relaxer off. The process and look will be different from someone who is all natural but it can be done.

  3. Locs are not 100% permanent and can be taken down. Results will vary.

  4. You don't have to go through the "Loc Phase". You can totally skip that process and leave out looking like you have years into the Loc Game.

Ways & Techniques to Start

There are so many ways that Locs can be started, you are bound to find a technique that works for You and Your lifestyle, look and style.

Free Flow Locs

The first style of Starter Locs were simply not combing the hair and allowing the hair to Loc/Mat and then pulling them apart as they did. We all have seen the Evolution of Jay Z and his Locs. Usually these Locs imply the Client Being on a Spiritual Path, Quest or Journey.


Coils are basically when your manipulate the hair's Natural Curl Pattern into the form of a Coil. That Coil will eventually turn into a Loc once left up (meaning not combing out) to actually Loc.

The timeframe for Loc'ing varies from person to person and is based on texture and grade of hair, mixed with your hairs natural ability to tangle around each other. Below are a few of my Clients Starter Loc Pics.

Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twist is another way to Start Your Locs. The hair will begin to tangle up on the inside and begin to Loc. Monthly Maintenance is Shampoo/Washing, Tightening and Style (if applicable).


Braids are the easier way to start Locs. You just simply braid your hair and never take them down. You tighten the New Growth and the Braid will eventually Evolve into a Loc.

Loc Extensions

Loc Extensions put alot of folks in the Loc game!! Alot of folks did not want Locs because of the "Ugly Phase" or they didn't want to start off with "Lil Locs". Well... with Locs Extensions you can leave my chair looking like you been 12 years in the Loc Gang Gang!

Instant Locs

Instant Locs are is a manipulation of the hair into an Instant Loc. On my little mannequin model here you will see she went from a loose curl pattern to a Mature Loc.

Micros/Faux Locs/Hair Added Styles

I have had plenty of Clients that I transitioned them into the Loc Gang from a previous style that had hair added. The key is as the hair grows out (New Growth) you Treat and Tighten as Locs into the hair grows out long enough to where the Client feels confident to cut the "extension" portion off. Below my Client is starting her journey from Micros.

I recommend returning back for Loc Maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks (depending on your hair texture) you might come back sooner if your hair needs more attention to Loc.

In between appointments I recommend using a Pure Oil that you can light massage or apply to your scalp and keep your hair tied up at night.

Starting Your Locs can be a Fun, Exciting and Scary of the unknown... But I tell you there is nothing like one day out the blue, and you look in the mirror and see where your Starter Locs... are now Loc'd.

Once again, if you have any questions, contact me and I will be more than happy to help you. Happy Loc Journey. -T. Aje.

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