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Taliah Waajid - Product Review

Taliah Waajid is one of my favorite Natural Hair Products that I use on my clients as well as person use. I love the way that they smell and feel on the hair and scalp. Her ingredients are in line with what I use in my product line, which is a BONUS!

I have used all of the items above MINUS the Curl Shine. The others work very well. The Detangler is VERY GOOD for those whose hair tangles easily. I use the Healing Oyl for my Loc Tightening and can also be used as a Leave-In Hot Oil Treatment. The Curl Sealer I used on my hair just as a moisturizer to keep my hair moist throughout the night under my wrap, which it did without all the messy build up.

I actually had the pleasure of going to one of Taliah Waajid Hair Shows in Chicago and I tell you it was Absolutely FACINATING!!! The Vendors, Hair Demos, Models the whole vibe was DOPE!!! Shout Out to one of the Dopest Sistas that invited me to that Event!

Taliah Waajid products can be found just about anywhere which makes getting them easier, where as before you could only get it at the beauty supply stores. Now I have seen her products at Family Dollar and Walmart, usually maybe a dollar less than your local beauty stores which are typically higher priced.

Ms Taliah Waajib (pictured below) is not only Beautiful, Talented, a Business Boss, but is an Inspiration to all Beautiful Black Curly haired Sistas everywhere. I was going to recommend getting her products directly from her site, however I was only able to find locations to purchase it. #SupportWomenBusinesses

I recommend Taliah Waajid products and rate them a: 5 out of 5

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