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"Then Don't Rent Then"

It was the end of 2019 I believe. My landlord called me to tell me there was something going on in one of the other apartments and that she might have to come inside my apartment to see what is going on, within a couple of hours. Okay cool.

I arrived at the apartment before they did. I had already taken off from the salon early so I could do a Spiritual Bath and Spiritual work at home. This was a delay, but Shit Happens so whatever.

They arrived. They, the landlord in her car and the plumber in his. They sat in the car for a long time and remember... I had set this entire weekend to go into Meditation... so I was ready to get whatever they had to do over with so I can start My weekend.

So I texted her and asked her if she still needed access to the apartment. She replied back, "No I think we got what we needed". I said "Okay, are you sure? I am about to get in the tub." She said something to someone in her background and said, No we are good. I said cool!

I commence to take all my clothes off, sat on the toilet, looking at stuff on my phone getting ready to take my bath. I had already let my water in it was piping hot ready to go. I am just sitting on the toilet, then all of a sudden I hear a key slide into the lock on my door. I sprang up from the toilet and holler "HEY HEY HEY I'M NAKED!!!! YOU CAN'TJUST COME ON IN!!!" I'm yelling.

I went back and threw on my robe and opened the door. There was the landlord, her aunt and the male plumber. If I had of been running my water, as to where I couldn't hear them, all three of those people would have been in my apartment while I was butt ass naked.

Because I am respectful to the landlord and her 80 plus year old aunt, I didn't snap then. And it's crazy, because even the plumber looked embarrassed by what could have possibly happened.

The plumber came in, peeped in my bathroom and left. There was no issue. I waited until they left and called to speak with her. I didn't want to check her in front of these folks but wait the fuck a minute! We're you just gonna walk into my apartment like that after you said you didn't need to come in? And if it changed, why didn't you call? Why didn't you KNOCK?!? I was naked and you were about to bring a man in my house, I said to her.

Although I was HEATED, I remained PROFESSIONAL! She hung up on me!! So I called her back!!! "Did you hang up on me when I am trying to express my concerns over the actions that you just did and how inappropriate that was. She expressed that she was "just going to "peek in" and that she would talk with me later and hung up again.

I was so irritated I didn't know what to do!!! So I called her mother. Her mother is the actual Owner and her daughter is the building manager for her mom who is up in age. Her mom expressed her apologies and assured me that her daughter "didn't know" that she shouldn't just walk into tenants apartments like that. Then I got word, that she had walked into the man upstairs apartment while he was sitting in his living in his drawls. Rest his soul. I told her mother THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS BEHAVIORS and that she could get HURT, SHOT, RAPED! ANYTHING!! Her mother "AGREED!!" and promised me she would talk to her.

I still was devastated none the less. I felt violated. BUT WHAT THE FUCK EVER. This was probably just a fluke and won't happen again right... Shid!

Let me start by saying... both ladies are very nice, kind and sweet. I appreciate them renting to me, I appreciate them working with me when I am late on rent or hella late on rent... they work with me. I appreciate it.

I am a Stylist and my income is up and down so I APPRECIATE them working with me. But I am still am ADULT. I am still to be RESPECTED. And just because I am not paying thousands of dollars in rent, don't mean I don't deserve a safe space to live where my privacy is respected because I am a fucking HUMAN BEING!!!

After that incident, I am on guard now. How do I protect myself from people just entering my space I am paying rent on. THEN.... My mind went back to a previous conversation that she and I had that I totally MISSED because I never dealt with this before in all my 52 years of living. It didn'tregister what she actually said. She mentioned one day that she "got a little water" when they were shampooing the hallway. My dumbass didn't connect at the time she meant "from my apartment during the time I wasn't home".

She just came into my home, unbeknownst to me and got some water out of my kitchen so they could clean the carpet in the hallway.

The next time, she just popped up with the exterminator. Now typical she is good about that, but every once in a while she just pops up. Normally I am at work and don't know the other times. So this day... she pops up with the exterminator.

I kindly and gently pulled her to the side and had another conversation about just popping up without notice. I explained to her how it made me feel when she does that. I told her that I would like a notice because I may have something private out I don't want anyone to see. Or that I may have company over thas not going to answer my door if I am gone. I told her I do Spiritual Work and that is private. I could have my grand children over and here you come in scaring them. I told her... I could be laying in the middle of the floor butt ass naked with my legs gapped open... could you please let me know ahead of time, when you are coming.

I thought we had an understanding. I thought things would improve. Surely she understood where I was coming from, just as a woman. How privacy and feeling safe is important, especially in your own home, whether you pay your rent late or not.

April 13th, 2024 at about 10:03a I got a text message.

I was at the Salon, so I didn't see this until about 30 mins later. When I saw it, I already knew she had already been in. But I asked anyways...

At this point I am lightheaded from frustration, devastation and the level of disregard for my humanity and tenant.

We have had SEVERAL Conversations about this. LIKE... at what do I do at this point? I could have naked pics out of me, of someone else. I could have had my drawls out. Anything!

Just because I don't answer a knock don't mean I am not home. Because I didn't know they were coming I could have just NOT wanted to be bothered. I don't just answer my door if I'm not expecting anyone. Let's keep it all the way REAL....I could have been FUCKING and not wanted to be FUCKING disturb!

And guess what.... They would have walked right in on me fucking!! How is that okay???????????????

Now, here is the KICKER... I contacted her son, who is also my loc client. He handled another inappropriate situation I dealt with regarding his father. So as a desperate attempt to find some type of resolution to this problem.

He assured me he told his mom two weeks ago of his schedule availability was assured she gave out notifications.

I assured him she did not AND if she had, I would have left some money out for her.

So after she basically said BITCH FUCK YOU I WILL DO WHAT THE FUCK I WANT, I responded one last time...

And I am HURT. I am OFFENDED. I don't feel like I have a safe space. I have had SEVERAL discussions with her. I have come froma very respectful, transparent place.

I am only asking for a heads up, when she coming by, so if I have anything inappropriate or private out, if I have any guest over, items out... I can put it away. I want to feel safe to walk around my apartment butt ass naked with socks on, without the fear that somebody is going to just walk into my apartment. Now I have to constantly LISTEN for a key. That is such a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE feeling. And I don't deserve this!

When the first incident happened I looked into what rights I had as a tenant. According to Missouri law, Missouri landlords ARE NOT required to give any notice before coming over ALTHOUGH most give a 24 hour notice out of respect to the tenant.

When I spoke with her son trying to seek a solution, he REASSURED me that NO, they DON'T have to give notice, that they DEFINITELY CAN come in ANYTIME they want and if I don't like the landlord's rules then I "shouldn't rent."

Say less.

Needless to say I am devastated and hurt. Just by the lack of sympathy and empathy for me a human being. The level of Fuck Your Privacy is truly AMAZING!! I even gave her the scenario... "you wouldn't be cool if you mortgage people just walked into your home" trying to reach a point of reasoning with her.

Yes! Of course I have gone into Meditation over this matter because my soul is truly vexed over this and I am in emotional pain and distress.

So be mindful and be aware, Missouri landlords can come into your home at anytime they want, without notice and warning.

I can't change the law, and despite my efforts I can't change her perception of how to manage a property. The only thing I can do is find a location, a home where the landlord is respectful of their tenants privacy and the human experience.

And so my journey begins...

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