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To Dry... or Not To Dry... With Locs

Is Drying Your Locs Necessary after Your Appointment?

First, let me say that in the 6.5 years I HAD Locs I probably got under the dryer 4 times. I went outside with my head/Locs soaking wet, even in the Winter Time. And No... I did not get sick. Going outside in the cold does NOT make you SICK. Having an immune system that is "Open" to "germs" make you sick. But I digress...

Secondly, 95% of my Clients do NOT get under the dryer after their Service is complete. 3% don't get a Style and 1% are just use to getting under the dryer and 1% actually LOVE the dryer and want the full Salon Experience (Self Care Time).

So to answer my own Question... Is Drying Your Locs After Yours Appointment a Necessasity?

My Answer... Not Really BUT It Depends.

If you are getting a Regular Retwist withOUT a Style... YES! It is HIGHLY Suggested that you get at least 1 hour of Dryer Time to ensure your Locs STAY PUT and does not untwist itself.

If you are getting a Regular Retwist WITH a Style... If ALL of your hair is put up... NO... Otherwise YES.

If you get Interloc'd Tightening with OR without a Style... You do NOT HAVE to get under the Dryer... unless you want too.

The KEY is allowing your hair to DRY. Whether it is under a dryer, over time or under the Sun. And NOT smothering the Locs so that they can't breathe and dry on their own. Tying your Locs too tight and not allowing air to dry your Locs can result in them smelling like Mildew and will need to be Detoxed.

The Concept and Beauty of Locs is of a Wash, Tighten and Go with the Flow type of Energy. Trust me, those dryers will ALWAYS be there, whenever you are ready...

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