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Week 1 : Day 1 (04212024)

First meal of the week is my Veggie Fried Rice w/Egg

This is one of my favorite meals to make. I usually use Rice Noodles but the store was out so I bought a bag of rice and will use that instead. I said I was going to add more rice to my diet anyway.

I would have added shrimp but she couldn't find them or the tofu so All Veggies it is. At this stage I have 3 options. I can do a Tereyaki Veggies over Fried Rice with Egg OR I can do the Traditional Flavored Veggie Fried Rice with Egg.

I went with the Traditional Flavor. The flavor itself was good... however.... The rice wasn't cooked right, which in my opinion ruined the meal.

Better Luck Next Time!

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