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Why are they lying on Eboni K Williams

She is not PROMOTING Single Motherhood...

It AMAZES me that a room full of people can hear the EXACT same thing and come up with a "room full" of interpretations. But then it makes perfect sense because we react according to our own experiences... which are all different. So here is MY interpretation of what she said and meant.

I believe people are having complete breakdowns because the majority of the Single Mother Stories they have lived, experience or witness have been HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES that NOONE in their RIGHT MIND would want to EXPERIENCE on PURPOSE.

But... say there is a Single Woman somewhere between 35 to 50 years old. As a Woman, she wants a baby. She hasn't met a man that fits her standards for a mate or child rearing techniques and she doesn't want to wait because this man may never come.

She has enough RESOURCES to pay to have this process done. The purchase of sperm, the freezing of her eggs, the blending of the two... that shit aint cheap. So she HAS enough resources. This child is NOT going to be on Section 8, this child is NOT going to be part of the FREE Lunch Programs, this child is NOT going to go to bad schools. (Shout out to Section 8, Free Lunch Programs and back in the day Hood Schools!)

She has LOVE. She has a LOVING Supportive Family. There is no doubt that this CHILD WILL BE LOVED. Within that Supportive Loving Family SHE has the Balance of Male and Female Support and Upbringing to assist with that child.

If she has ALL THOSE THINGS... WHY CAN'T SHE DECIDE TO BE A SINGLE MOTHER? Just because she is SINGLE doesn't mean she doesn't have the COMMUNITY to raise a WELL BALANCED CHILD!!!

Because NOBODY batts an eye while MILITARY MOTHERS raise their children ALONE while the father is OFF AT WAR or whatever they do millions of miles away from their families. Regardless of WHAT the man is doing SHE still gotta get those children through the day ALONE.

I believe the XY's are just hurt that they were reduced down to "Black Sperm" and the realization that more Women are going to become "un-fuckable".


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