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Why I left the LGBT Community

If nothing else... I believe in the Art of Walking Away from People, Places and Things that no longer serves my higher good, doesn't respect my autonomy as a Woman and doesn't respect my autonomy as a human.

I left Chrisitanity when I realized it was all an lie. I left studying Hebrew when I realized they were a Christian lie dipped in chocolate. Both are filled with patriarchy, rape, murder and molestation which their god allowed. When that shit didn't make any sense and I saw the disregard and disrespect for Women... I DIPPED.

The LGBT Community is no exemption. I joined the LGBT because I wanted to hang around people of liked minds on a common interest. Same Sex Relationships. My experience has been hanging out, discussing how our straight friends think we are all weird for loving the same gender, have a beer and go about our day. What are called Gay Rights... are actually Human Rights. I still don't understand WHY we are fighting for Rights to be a HUMAN... but I digress.

For ME it was a Social thing. I did and do not need permission or approval to "be gay". The community did not make me "more gay" or I felt I was less gay if I weren't apart of the community. So my experience is a little different. And I believe I am part of the "Old School Gays" that were "just gay". You know... the hand "wiggle gay." Where they didn't need all the This and That to be what they were behind closed doors. Because at the end of the day... nobody cared because it wasn't nobody's business. Grown folks do what grown folks do.

Now we have the New Gays that need a thousand different ways to say they are "Gay". Nothing that they are saying is new in terms of actual experiences, it just seems like they need it all to be dichotomized, and they need it in your face, an it needs to be loved and liked and approved by ALL! THAT Energy alone is exhausting. HOWEVER... I realized all of THAT isn't my fight. I will let the New Gays have at it with the remaining alphabets and numbers and all of the Energy that their generation is bringing and I will be chilling, living the experience.

Then there was a SHIFT... I began to see things that I did not agree with. Things that I personally don't align with. Things that made ME look bad being associated with with community. And things that made ME recognized there is a War Against Women, even within the Community.

Why do you say that Ton?

Well in 2022 Women lost Rights over their BODIES in the US. Men didn't lose rights over their bodies. Women did. In 2023 some would like to take away your ability to VOTE! Lol, I don't even believe in that whole voting ritual... but they want to take that away.

Sports are being usurped by XY's and women who have worked their whole life are being DOMINATED and INJURED. Young women are telling their stories of having to share locker rooms with trans women who have penises.

The CEO of HER Lesbian app includes trans women onto the app. Not the issue. When Lesbians who stated they were not interested in trans women, those Lesbians were kicked off the app.

Lesbians are being called racist, bigots and a bunch of phobes because they do not want to date a trans woman that still has a penis and balls.

I just heard in California there have been 30 male inmates that requested to be sent to the womens prison because they now identify as women. There are about 400 applications waiting to be processed. All males who are now identifying as women requesting to be transfered to a women's prison. MANY of them are already registered SEX OFFENDERS.

If people can't see there is an attack on Women.... they are probably in alignment with it.

We not even going to talk about the FIGHT TO OWN PERIODS and WOMANHOOD!

Like... how did we GET HERE?

Why can't we all get alone in our lanes. Why can't we all be mindful and respectful and logical in a way that all can co-exist?

The absolute HORRIBLE fact, is that I know both trans men and trans women and THEY are not apart of THIS thought process. Most trans men and trans women want to acclimate into society as the gender they identify with. And they were accepted in society. THIS Ideology is making the Trans community look BAD and has taken the Gay Alphabet BACK! People are tired of this shit and ALL THE GAYS WILL PAY.

I DONT UNDERSTAND why Drag Queens have to go to a SCHOOL and read to CHILDREN. I DONT UNDERSTAND why parents are taken their child to Pride Events that have ADULT activities.

I DONT UNDERSTAND why Grown Men are okay with having their penis and nuts out with children present during those parades.

I DONT UNDERSTAND why they weren't arrested for indecent exposure if that is a crime.

NONE of THAT represents ME. So I left. Sadly. I left the Community. I am way too old to fight and argue. I just leave. And many more are leaving. Such a sad shame. #Dueces

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