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My Love and Compatibility Readings are for anyone wanting to know if they are Compatible with a new love or an established bond. This is the Process of Interpreting both you and your loves chart which reveals the Postives and Challenging areas within a Relationshp.


 In order to complete this Reading I will need the following information...

Names, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Location of Birth for BOTH Parties. If you don't have access to Times of Birth, that information can be obtain buy ordering a Long Form Birth Certificate from the State. 


If you are in a Poly Dynamic ( of a Potential Poly Dynamic) and want to have your situation Read to see if ALL interested parties are compatible, I will need the above information for ALL PARTIES. There will be an additional fee of 10$ Per Person.


Readings will be delivered via email within 5-7 days.

Love & Compatibility Reading

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